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Plugin Settings

  • The Thumbnailer Plugin has a lot of settings that can be customized to your needs



Thumbnail Resolution

  • This will change the output resolution of the thumbnail, it will also affect the preview window to give you a sense of scale what the final thumbnail will look like

Image Image

Field of View

  • Change the Field of View (aka FOV) of the viewport camera, smaller number will make the object more 2d-like

Camera Type

  • Switch between Perspective and Orthographic Camera

Image Image

Save Dir

  • Set the output directory for the generated/captured thumbnails

File Prefix

  • File prefix to append to the thumbnail filename, ie Thumb_MyActor

Override Thumbnail Name

  • This allows you to override the default naming scheme of the plugin, by default the thumbnails name will be the same as the mesh being captured

Show Notifications

  • Show or Hide popup notifications when a thumbnail was saved/created

Highlight Thumbnails

  • When creating a new thumbnail focus the content browser on the newly created thumbnail

Suppress Overwrite Dialog

  • Always overwrite old files

Hide Editor Billboards

  • Hide billboards when capturing actors that has a billboard attached

Image Image

Transparent Thumbnails